Vridhi Maritime is an independent international ship management company for ocean going vessels. We are growing progressively as the name refers, with total commitment and smart thinking as the strong elements.

Management is presently conducted for a fleet of 4 vessels ranging from 57,000 DWT. (MT) up to 79,000 DWT. (MT). All vessels meet the present stringent safety and environmental requirements and are subject to intensive maintenance programs.

We are ambitious and proactive in our approach, ensuring our services meet the current requirements and future demands for quality, safety, health and reliable measures to protect our marine environment.

We believe Customer’s perception as our reality. To achieve this, we combine skill and efficiency to intensify our esteemed human resources along with our magnificent experienced management to build a long-term collaborative customer relationship which lead us to provide relentless technical solutions to our cherished clients over the seven seas and five oceans.

Our roots stem back from 2013 and we strongly believe that with the excellent mix of backgrounds within our team we will be able to live up to the highest standards of our customers, our banks and our investors.