• To provide reliable yet economical management combined with optimum and operational safety, thus maintaining the ship’s value.
  • To recruit, train and retain personnel of all categories who are commercially aware and committed to our clients’ culture and development.
  • The VM Group believes that well trained, well rewarded, contented crews and shore staff, are fundamental to well managed and safe ships. VM Crew Management always strives to ensure the highest skills standards and competencies for both crews and shore staff. We are maintaining this through career progression, innovation and constant communication.
  • Teamwork, leadership and value-added training are the essential ingredients of quality crews. VM has built a large pool of dedicated personnel by a strong emphasis on efficiency, effectiveness, commitment and professionalism. A centralized network database throughout the group is updated on a continuous basis with medical, certification and other information including training records and crew appraisal results.     Ship Management undertakes the supply of competent, qualified and experienced officers and       crew on all types of vessels. We have database of about 2000 seafarers.