• All our top management has necessary technical expertise and they are directly involved in daily management of the fleets.
  • Outstanding safety, Port State Control, technical off-hires and insurance claim records
  • A pragmatic approach to technical and crewing issues, always resulting in prompt and effective solution of problems
  • Flexibility in account reporting to meet our ship owners’ requirements
  • Performance monitoring and keeping a close tab on vessel’s performance is a key factor. This is done both parametrically, by emails and periodic predetermined reporting forms and as well as by regular visits by the superintendent, and safety and quality internal audits.
  • Excellent cost control over agreed operating expenses and dry docking budgets.Cost control, although this is not a technical activity, but the very nature of ship management arose from the need from our clients to control the operational cost of the vessels, while we are able to make budgets for all foreseeable normal operating costs where we satisfy all required operating standards. Since the technical activities are the source of the primary costs, our technical superintendents keep close eyes on the various expenditures, and when abnormal expenses are incurred or it is imminent, then the vessel owners are closely consulted on the desirability and advise our technical expertise on pros and cons of such expenses. At the same time high standards and overall performance is maintained. Transparency in Budgets and variance reports

An individual approach to every Ship-owner – we truly take care of the needs of each of our Clients, no matter how many ships he has with us.

Tailor-made ship management – we are very flexible and able to adapt our ship management system to the specific needs of the Client, if required also through dedicated companies with autonomous management teams.


  • Accounting system customizable to meet with individual client’s needs
  • The real strength of a ship management company lies in its reporting skills and its timely deliverable to the clients.
  • We have a team of highly experienced professionals with solid experience in the shipping sector with thorough understanding of the ship management accounting cycle, including reporting and budgeting.
  • We deliver extremely reliable organized customizable  and timely reports based on the Clients .
  • We assist in setting up the technical budget in coordination with clients’ administration and finance department.
  • We monitor the running costs with a clear demarcation as to budget / unbudgeted expenses and we present a detailed variance analysis report.
  • We also provide a separate report on committed costs so as to provide realistic analysis for a given period.
  • While providing the committed cost details, we will be able to provide cash flow forecast in advance of actual receipt of invoices to enable the clients to do financial planning.
  • We also provide our assistance to the owners with relevant data on a timely manner during their audit process, as we understand the importance of various covenants in place for the clients.